Triple Drum Type Magnetic Separator

Triple Drum Type Magnetic Separator

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Our Company are engaged in offering a superior range of Triple Drum Type Magnetic Separator

These separators are even more effective in their job with their three magnetic drums. Operating on a powerful motor, these drums rotate rapidly and remove impurities with better speed. Kumar Magnet Industries is one of the most reputed Triple Drum Type Permanent Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India and we are dedicated to push the traditional boundaries of innovation to deliver top-notch products to our clients. This Magnetic Separator comes with a vibrating tray fixed between drum and hopper. The extra high power permanent magnetic plate at the bottom side also increases the efficiency of the product.


Main Qualities Of Our Triple Drum Magnetic Separator:

  • Rugged Construction - The rugged construction of these units has made them highly reliable in their operations as well as durability.
  • High Capacity - They have a large capacity to handle magnetic impurities. So, don’t be concerned about the number of impurities.
  • High Coercivity Magnets - The magnets used in the unit are high coercivity modern anisotropic permanent magnets, which make it highly effective in its operations.

Technical Details :

  • Come with reduction gear
  • Contains 1 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor, which helps driving the drum at a speed of 15 RPM
  • It has vibrating tray fixed in between the hopper and drum
  • Also has high power Magnetic Plate at bottom side
  • And machine design comes in a close body