Permanent Magnetic Pulley

Permanent Magnetic Pulley Manufacturer

We are leading manufacturer of Permanent Magnetic Pulley providing across India. We offer strategic solutions with a broad range of applications and model suitable for using in multiple industries with a focus on helping you in your business with ideal solutions and transform your product experience.

Permanent magnetic pulley is dual-purpose used for protection of crusher Jaws or other machinery and also for purification and concentration of magnetic material from the mines. It has the widest application in food, chemical, ceramic, paper, coal handling, foundry operation and mining industry. The magnetism in a Permanent Magnetic Pulley is generated by internal assembly of magnets enclosed in non magnetic Stainless Steel shell.

The steel shaft is extended on both sides. One side is provided with Key-way. The Pulleys have a face width of 50 mm to 100 mm more than the belt width. The magnetic strength of the pulley depends on the diameter and also quality of magnets used. Pulleys with Rare Earth Magnets can handle depths up to 300 mm. Pulley width is determined by width of conveyor belt to be used. Diameter depends on depth of material and speed of the conveyor. It can be designed to suit customer's specific application.