Magnetic Plate

Magnetic Plate

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We are one of the best prominent manufacturers of Plate Magnets.

Magnetic plates are quite important in a wide variety of industries for separating ferrous materials and tramp iron from various free-flowing conveyed material such as granular material, gravel, flour, plastic, sugar, etc. Kumar Magnet Industries is one of the esteemed Magnetic Plate Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. They offer the perfect cost-effective solution for removing foreign materials from products lower flow rate and thinner burden depths. Whether the material is lumpy, moist, powdery, or abrasive, these plates can handle it without incurring any damages. They come with clamps and can be located on the conveyor for carrying such material ideally.


Unique Features Of Our Industrial Magnetic Plate :

  • Constructed with high energy permanent magnets plated in a magnetic circuit
  • Used extensively in biscuit stacking machines and CTS Tea machinery
  • These Industrial Magnetic Plate are available in various sizes as per the requirement
  • Efficient recovery of harmful tramp iron
  • Capture maximum common ferrous debris by utilizing ceramic or Rare Earth Magnets
  • Hanged plates can be swung out for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight, user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance efforts
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