Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Magnetic Floor Sweeper

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We are leading manufacturer of Magnetic Floor Sweeper providing across India. We offer strategic solutions with a broad range of applications and model suitable for using in multiple industries with a focus on helping you in your business with ideal solutions and transform your product experience. These Magnetic Floor Sweepers are moved and used over the areas where cleaning is required.

Kumar Magnet Industries is recognized as one of the most trusted Magnetic Floor Sweeper Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. These magnetic sweepers are mostly used to collect iron scraps from the floor of workshops in different facilities. It is installed with a Magnetic Plate and cover wheels to increase the convenience of usage. It can also be availed with handles of different sizes to suit your requirements. A quick clearing of dangerous ferrous scrap metal off the floor can be achieved effectively with this Floor Magnetic Sweeper. If you want to buy it, dial the phone number mentioned on the website.


Invest In Our Magnetic Floor Sweepers For Following Reasons :

  • Easy To Use - It is very easy to use; you have to just hold it by the handles and steer the wheels over the scrap.
  • Powerful Magnet - The magnet is powerful enough to pick up both small and large pieces of scrap without leaving out anything.
  • Different Configurations - It can be availed in different configurations depending upon the requirements of the client.