Drawer Magnet

Drawer Magnet

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We are leading manufacturer of Drawer Magnet providing across India. We offer strategic solutions with a broad range of applications and model suitable for using in multiple industries with a focus on helping you in your business with ideal solutions and transform your product experience. Prominent Manufacturer of Magnetic Drawer.

Made with rows of round magnetic tubes assembled into drawers, drawer magnets are mostly used for fine cohesive materials like magnesium oxide, aluminium, zircon powder, fly ash, lime, powdered sugar, flour, corn-starch and pulverized minerals along with ceramics. Kumar Magnet Industries is recognized for being one of the well-known Drawer Magnet Manufacturers in Ahmedabad. They can be easily fitted in the existing pipeline or outlet of various types such as blenders and classifier. They can also be removed easily for cleaning and are available with either high-intensity Rare Earth Magnets or ferrite magnets.


Key Features Of Our Drawer Magnets :

  • Can be installed easily in the existing pipelines
  • Comprises of Permanent Magnetic grids mounted one above the other
  • Systems with multiple grids for special applications
  • Grids can be removed for cleaning them easily
  • Some types of drawer magnets are used in separation tasks in gravity conveying systems
  • Can be availed in different configurations, sizes or working principles
  • Some variants are a large tube, heavy-duty, manual clean, self-cleaning etc.
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